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Unit 208 of District 8 of the American Contract Bridge League
Central Illinois Bridge Association
Meeting Minutes
Roll Call:  Present were President Carole Sholes, Ann Schuyler, Ron Sholes, Eunis Patton, Bill Bulfer, Terry Goodykoontz, Judy Greek, Jeff Erlich and Debbie Avery. Quorum was declared.

Minutes:  Minutes were read and approved.  Jeff moved to approved minutes and Eunis seconded.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Carole presented the treasurerís report for the period ending June 30th 2015. There was a balance of $26,143.28 in the treasury. There is $2,000 in a debit card account for the tournament chairs to use. Our new bank is PNC Bank. Jeff moved to approve the treasurerís report and Jeff seconded the motion and the motion was approved.

President's Report:  Carole inquired about ACBL members who earned points in STAC week. ACBL Life Masters prior to 1996 can earn points in STAC week.

The Unit Election:  Our Champaign representative is Terry Goodykoontz, Peoria is Bill Bulfer and Springfield is Jeff Erlich. The Champaign alternate is Debby Avery. Judy moved that we accept these representatives and report them to the membership. Eunis seconded the motion, the motion was approved.

Tournament Report:  The Springfield Sectional made $355, the Bloomington January Sectional made $522, the Peoria March tournament made $100, the Champaign Regional tournament attendance was down by 30% and it made $2,978. The Galesburg sectional in July lost $129. Jeff said the Springfield sectional tournament will partner with the Rochester Library. The library is giving us space rent free to encourage people to learn duplicate bridge.

Old Business:  None.

New Business:  The stratification for sectionals was discussed.  Jeff thought that the B Strata was very large and it should be.

Adjournment:  Jeff moved that the meeting be adjourned and Bill seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Schuyler, Unit 208 Secretary
Bloomington Illinois
July 2015