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Unit 208 of District 8 of the American Contract Bridge League
Central Illinois Bridge Association
Unit 208 Board of Directors - Officers
Position Incumbent Email
President Lori Moore
Vice-President Lori Moore  
Secretary Ann Caparros
Treasurer Eunice Patton
Area #1 - Peoria William Bulfer Maggie Martino
Area #2 - Galesburg Judy Greek Ron Greek
Area #3 - Springfield Peter Holm Rhonda Berberet
Area #4 - Decatur Mike Heneghan Ralph Witmer
Area #5 - Bloomington Ray Dostal Larry Ziegler
Area #6 - Champaign Wes Sietz Linda Sloat
Area #7 - Mattoon Mark Daily Dan Drake
Unit 208 Board of Directors - Area Representatives
Other Positions
Unit 208 Directors
to District 8
Ron Sholes
Martha Leary
Mary Stuart
Intermediate/Novice Coord. Linda Sloat