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Unit 208 of District 8 of the American Contract Bridge League
Central Illinois Bridge Association
ACBL Units
Three hundred units supervise and promote bridge within their boundaries. They have the exclusive right to host sectionals in their territory.  Our unit is part of District 8, one of 25 districts in North America.
• To preserve and promote the best interests of competitive contract bridge;
To cooperate with and assist the ACBL in the promotion and conduct of contract bridge tournaments;
• To encourage the highest standard of conduct and ethics by its members, and to enforce such standards;
• To promote the development and organization of affiliated clubs within the Unit;
• To promote and encourage membership in the Unit;
• To promote and encourage the bridge education of Unit members.
Welcome to the website for the Central Illinois Bridge Association!

CIBA Unit 208 is a member of the American Contract Bridge League and represents over 700 ACBL members in the central Illinois area.  Geographically the unit reaches as far north as LaSalle; to the east to Danville; west to Quincy; and south to Charleston.  In total, there are 46 counties represented.

Central Illinois is the second largest unit in District 8 and ranks number 55 of 300 units within the ACBL.  The key objectives of the organization are:

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